Student Scholarship Rules and FAQ



  1. The school district of the applicant MUST be a member in good standing of ASSET to be considered.
  2. All applications must be completed and submitted online no later than

March 31st, 2023.

  1. Any videos submitted cannot exceed 3 minutes in length.
  2. Any video submitted must be set to “Unlisted” in permission settings.
  3. To ensure your security online, please do not include any personal contact information or the name of your school in your video.  Video submission should include your first name only.


  1. How do I upload a video to YouTube?
    1. Please see Google’s Help and Support Page
  2. How do I prepare the video for my submission?
    1. Check out these great tips on Edvisor.
  3. Will a video submission increase my chances of winning the scholarship?
    1. No, it will not directly lead to a scholarship. Please see the 2023 Scholarship Application Rubric – ASSET ( for more information.
  4. When will the scholarship winners be notified?
    1. All entrants will be notified within a few weeks after the submission.
  5. How much will the scholarship be?
    1. This year scholarships amounts will be based on vendor sponsorship. Scholarship winners will receive at least $500.  Each winner will receive the same amount of money.